Thoughts on “SEE YOU AT THE POLE”

What an incredible thing…..3 million students turning out to pray for their campuses and their nation!!! What a blessing and I PRAISE GOD FOR IT….but I wonder….what if this wasn’t just a one day event? I think too often Christian’s rely on “events” to feed their faith instead of the CONTINUAL work of the Holy Spirit, the Word, and prayer. It’s much easier for others to feed us than for us to feed ourselves….easy when something is chosen for us rather than us choosing something for ourselves. WHAT IF STUDENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY DID “SEE YOU AT THE POLE” EVERYDAY? We would see revival in this nation I am sure of it!!! And not only that, but it would foster a mentality in students that they are not just students but CAMPUS MISSIONARIES….MISSIONARIES that happen to be students, meeting daily for prayer for the salvation of their campus. What if our Christianity wasn’t driven by events, but by a REAL desire to see people come to Jesus? What would that look like? I think it MIGHT look like a “see you at the pole” EVERYDAY – passionate, CONTINUAL prayer that the world would see and say, “this is NOT an event”.