Paisley Papa on worship…

My daughter is the cutest baby on planet earth.  16 months of fun (and some poopy diapers along the way too).   She’s doing this really amusing thing right now where she scavenges around the living room simply looking for really TINY pieces of trash, fuzz, dirt or other very ‘interesting’ things.  The moment she finds one of these lovely little items, she gets a BIG smile on her face and says, “Daddy!” and comes to me as fast as she can holding out her hand to show me the treasure that she has discovered.

Now, of course I tell her to go away and throw it in the trash so I can finish writing a song.  But then I give her a big hug and tell her I love her and say “good job sport”.

I’m kidding of course.

When Paisley Papa holds out to me a speck of dirt or a ball of lint, and has that cute little smile on her face and says, “Daddy!” in her sweet little voice, I CANNOT RESIST the urge to smile, drop whatever I am doing, pick her up and say, “Thank you SO much sweetheart! That was so sweet of you” and I kiss her as much as she will let me.  Then….you guessed it…..she goes back for more!   I LOVE it.  Its makes me giddy.   I mean seriously It makes me so incredibly happy that she would want to share with me and make me happy!  I cant get enough fuzz balls!

Well…through these little moments….As my friend Ed Newton says, “God dropped a message in my mailbox”.  (For most of you reading this, this will probably (sadly) be old news, but for a few of you, it will become your delight.)  I think this is what our worship might be like to God.   The Lord LOVES it!  But think about it, does an omnipotent, omnipresent triune God NEED our worship?  Of course He doesn’t.   Rocks sing when we don’t.   Angels that are on FIRE are around His throne right now saying, “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY” as loud as they can.  God needs our worship about as much as I need a ball of lint.  But stop and remember – HE IS OUR DADDY!  Our Abba!  AND HE LOVES IT.  Oh He loves it!   The fuzzballs of our songs and the lint of our serving are His delight and His treasure!  He waits for us to give Him WHATEVER we have, out of the joy of our hearts, and THAT makes Him HAPPY!

Believer, you are far smaller and more insignificant than you will ever know, AND you are far more loved and more cherished than you will ever know.

Writing for your joy and perspective-

Matt Papa

(for further reflection see Acts 17:24-25, Luke 19:28-40, Zephaniah 3:14-17, and Psalm 8, 103, 139)

(footnote:  I hesitated in writing this post because I feel like this is one of those very common “this is how God must feel” moments that you have in parenting.  However, I think if every parent decided that things like these were “too common” to share with others, then none would be edified.  Thus, I share this in the hopes that those without children are impacted and those with children are reminded of the constant and beautiful metaphor (of our relationship to God) that is unfolding before their eyes everyday.)