MARYTR MONDAY – Hasan (1983-1998)

In a city in North Africa, a powerful emir–a Muslin political and religious leader–watched as officials executed his 15-year-old son–at his express orders!

Hasan was only 15 years old when he died a martyr’s death for publicly professing his faith in Jesus Christ. He died as his father watched–and his mother sobbed uncontrollable, pleading for his life. Yet Hasan had counted the cost of following Christ, and was ready to be martyred for his faith.

According to Islam’s law of apostasy, anyone who leaves the faith must be killed. In fact, Muslims are taught that if you kill such a person, you yourself are assured of entering paradise–and your victim as well.

Hasan knew all this. Yet one day Hasan heard about the Man named Jesus Christ, and his life was changed forever. A Christian worker passing out Gospel booklets in the city had witnessed to Hasan, and the Holy Spirit had touched the young boy’s heart. Hasan knew he faced certain death, all the more so because of his father’s position. As the son of a Muslim emir, he was expected to be a model citizen and devout Muslim.

Nevertheless, with the truth of the Gospel burning deep within him, he courageously announced to his entire family that he had asked Jesus into his heart and had become a follower of Christ. Hasan’s father was enraged. He commanded his son to renounce Jesus, under penalty of death. Hasan was brought before a council of elders and a crowd of witnesses to give his reply. To everyone’s shock, Hasan once again confirmed his belief in Christ and stood ready to die for his faith.

A Christian worker reported: ‘Hasan was brought out before the crowd, members of the emirate council and his father, and slaughtered like a sheep. He was beheaded in the presence of all those in the emir’s palace.’ Now Hasan is in the presence of the Lord, destined to receive a martyr’s crown. The Christian worker who led Hasan to Christ is now on the ‘most wanted list’ and will be killed if found.

Writing that your name might be on the ‘most wanted list’ of hell-



(story from The 10/40 Window Reporter, Spring 1998)