A New Year’s Prayer…

2011 (Do What You Must)

Do what you must almighty God
To make me more like your Son
Empty me of all envy and pride
And fill me again with love

Whatever it takes I earnestly pray
To make me a man of Your Word
Take me to the depths of sufferings deep
Lead me down the Calvary road

I’ll take up my cross whatever the cost
If you grant the strength and the grace
I’ll follow you Lord, my Savior, my God
To highest of heights or grave

My dreams and my plans I place on your altar
And to them I raise my knife
You give and you take, my gracious provider
You kill and you bring to life

I ask not for health or prospering wealth
But one thing I need and trust
That I might become a man like Your Son
To this end, Lord do what you must