Look at Him


When my 2 year old daughter paisley gets really bold and commands me to do something, I say “that’s cute!”  When my superiors at The Summit Church ask me to do something, I say “absolutely”.  When the Commander-in-Chief asks a single soldier to invade the enemy barracks all alone, he says “yes sir”.

I remind you today that the reason more of us don’t let our lives rip for Jesus is because we have simply yet to see GOD.  (Or we haven’t seen Him lately)  We haven’t seen WHO it is that has commanded us to “Go, make disciples of all nations” (the One with a face like lightning and a voice like a multitude – Rev 1), or else we would have gone by now.  We have simply failed to see HOW HOLY the One is that has commanded us to care for the poor and the least, (the one who breathes stars (Psalm 33), or we would be caring for them regularly.

When Jesus is “your homeboy”, what he says is “cute”.  When you SEE HIM, and He becomes bigger than the cosmos to you, and His Words have more weight than all the silver and gold in the entire world, you WILL obey whatever He says.  And most importantly….that obedience will not be a self-driven determination, but an adoring, fearful, and worshipful response.

Want to be radical for Jesus?  Want to not waste your one life?

Look at Him.