The Shai Linne Rap…

Revelation 19…..

Heaven’s open, behold a white horse, amazing the view

The One sittin’ on the horse called Faithful and True

He judges and makes war, the reign of Messiah

His eyes flames of fire, strange His attire

His robe dipped in blood, but His name is not Joseph

His aim is explosive, God’s fame is the motive

Flashback, long before this moment we’re in

He loved His opponents when He made atonement for sin

Ressurected at the Father’s right hand He sat down

Well He’s back now and found on His head a mad crown

Smack down, the sights and sounds amazing,

A sharp sword in His mouth to strike down the nations

Today is the day that He’s welcoming the foreigners

Repent and believe that He hung upon the cross for ya

Otherwise you’ll meet Him as a holy, righteous, slaughterer,

Somebody call the coroner, the Lord is a WARRIOR.


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blessings to you!