This Changes Everything (coming August 2nd)

Hi friends-

Here’s a sneak peak at the album artwork and a quick blurb about the concept of my new album, “This Changes Everything” coming August 2nd!  In a few days or so you’ll be able to pre-order it.  I’m pumped.  Go Jesus.

This Changes Everything

The year was 1514, and the earth was the center of it all.  Until Nicolas Copernicus changed everything.

It’s called the “Copernican Revolution” for a reason.  Everyone believed the sun, and everything else, revolved around the earth.  Everyone was wrong.  And as the Sun took it’s rightful place at the center of the great Milky Way, a greater fear and reverence swept over all mankind; as for the first time man doubted his centrality in the universe.  For the first time, humanity came trembling to grips with the humbling and earth-shattering reality:  we are small.

My prayer for you is that as these songs bring you into collision with the greatest, most central reality in the universe, namely the Gospel, that a copernican revolution would be unleashed in your life.  All of us come into this world bent on believing that we are at the center.  But we’re not.  There is, however, a Reality holding steady at the center of it all, beckoning us to open our eyes and see what we were made for.  His name is Jesus.  And He is the center.  He will not be a part of your life, one of the many orbiting obligations around you.  He will be your life; the star you revolve around or nothing at all.  The tomb is empty and He is Lord.  This changes everything.

Writing songs and blogs that you might see Jesus shining at the center of all things-