Martyr Monday: Pastor Kochanga

“Are you not afraid of what we will do to you?” the Communist colonel asked, his tone a combination of mockery and challenge.

Young Pastor Kochanga, having preached only one sermon in his entire life, stood before the colonel, knowing that the man held the power of life or death over him.  He answered in a respectful, yet fervent tone.

“Sir, truth is never afraid.  Suppose your government would decide to hang all mathematicians.  How much would two plus two be then?  Two plus two would still be four.

“We have truth, as true as a mathematical equation.  We have the truth that there is a God, and He is our loving Father.  We have the truth that Jesus is the Savior of the world and wishes to save everyone, even you.  We have truth that there is a Holy Spirit who empowers men and gives them light, and we have the truth that there exists a beautiful paradise.

“Whatever whips and whatever instruments of torture you have, it will always remain so.  Two plus two still equals four.”

Kochanga was beaten almost beyond recognition and then was never seen again.


Our lives are like a shadow compared to the substance of Christ.  We are here for a moment, and then we are gone (James 4:14)…..but Truth endures.   Yes, the Truth will endure…no matter how many lies Satan deceives us with….no matter how many poor sermons get preached.  If you tried for the rest of your life to disprove Christianity it would be like a toddler trying to push down an oak tree.  The tomb is empty and the Truth endures.

Do you share your faith like the Truth (Jesus) needs your help?  Like it (He) needs to be defended?  Or do you share it the way Spurgeon spoke of it:  “The gospel is like a caged lion. It does not need to be defended, it just needs to be let out of its cage.”

Do you share your faith at all?

It is not narrow minded to share the Truth brothers and sisters.  It is love.  We have it.  Or rather…it has us.  And to believe it is to share it.

Let the world wonder at your confidence.  Let them be dumbfounded by your peaceful disposition.  And let them be convinced by your love.

GO….and know the Truth will endure…no matter what you do.

Writing…a drop of rain in an ocean of Truth-




Story from VOM