Martyr Monday: China: Pastor Li Dexian

Pastor Li Dexian had preached just a few minutes when Public Security Bureau officers stormed into the house. They dragged Pastor Li outside and beat him, as well as others in the Chinese congregation.

At the police station, the evangelist was beaten again until he vomited blood. The officers beat his face with his own Bible, leaving him bleeding and barely conscious on the concrete floor of the cell.

When he was released seven hours later, he resumed his ministry. The next time he delivered a message to that church, seven PSB officers came in, shouting accusations against the evangelist. When they saw visiting Westerners with him, they left but returned fifteen minutes later with reinforcements. The officers dragged Li out and began to beat his head against a stone wall.

As of 2000, Pastor Li had already been jailed 13 times for sharing the gospel.  Here is an account of some of his time in prison:

Upon arrival to prison Li was immediately put in chains.  Unlike other prisoners the authorities shackled his ankles, not once, but two times.  His ankles were placed into steel cuffs and then cranked down by bolts on either side.  Then a second set of steel cuffs was put on above the ankle near his shins.  After this they then placed a large steel bar in between the cuffs that spread his legs wider than his shoulders.   In the center of this bar there was a ring.  His hands were then shackled and they were brought down to the bar between his feet and cuffed to the ring in the center of the bar.  This left his back in a bowed position.  He was left in this position for three days with no relief.

By the second day his back was in severe pain.  After three days they finally released his hands and he was able to straighten up.  He was thankful that his back was not injured during this time.  With his hands released they then forced him to labor.  He had to start every day at 6 a.m. and worked until 11 p.m. – 17 hours of labor.

On April 26, Li was released with a stern warning not to preach…

Voice of the Martyrs article of June 2000

But preach he does. As he says, “I will preach until I die.”

Pray for Pastor Li and for the Church in China.