Martyr Monday // Madagascar: Early 1800′s

Ranavalona, the queen of Madagascar, hated the Christians in her kingdom.  Her complaints against them were many: they despised her idols, they were always praying, They always went to church, and their women were chaste.  She sent officers to gather all those suspected of being Christians to bring them to trial.

About 1600 believers, when the charges were read, announced confidently, “Guilty.”  They would not deny the charges, for to do so would be to deny Christ.  The Queen offered them a second chance to deny Christ and bow to her idols, but each refused.  They were thrown into dark, dank dungeons, and many were executed.  The Queen was angered more, because for each Christian she had killed, twenty more rose up.

Later, the Queen ordered that 15 Christians be executed.  They were to be thrown over a cliff into a rocky ravine 150 feet below.  The Queen’s idols were taken to the top of the cliff, and each Christian was lowered slightly over the edge, tied with ropes.

“Will you worship the Queen’s gods?” the soldiers asked each Christian hanging over the precipice.

Each Christian answered, simply, “Christ.”




The ropes were cut, and they plunged to the rocks.

Some sang as they fell to their deaths.

One young girl was spared and declared insane.

She later started a church.



I wonder if some said “Christ” as bold as a lion, and others said “Christ” as a child crying for help.

But they said it.  They finished their race.

Run yours today.  Cling to Christ.  If the face of temptation, in the face of suffering, in the face of fear,

Answer simply,





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