3 Things To Fight For When Planning Your Conference

Are you planning a coerence, a retreat or a disciple now?  Here are three things to "fight" for that will make your event focused and effective!

1.  Fight for Transcendence

I would never say that Christianity is devoid of fun, but we simply cannot compete with the “world” when it comes to entertainment.  Their productions are bigger, better, louder.  Millennials roll their eyes when they feel they are duped or marketed to.  The power that the early church had…the distinctiveness the modern church has…is that it offers something the world does not and cannot give….beauty, mystery, transcendence.  What if your next conference was not another bell in a sea of noise, but was a thundering whisper….a moment where people were forced to lean in, to lift their minds and their eyes to something grander, higher, better?  What would this mean for your content?  For your selection of preaching, music, branding?

2.  Fight for Simplicity

Have a few “big rocks”….Do a few things, and do them very well.  Over the years, my favorite events to be a part of have been those that are SIMPLE.  Lifeway FUGE events do a great job at this.  It gives ample time for engagement and margin for God to move.  Not to mention, it generally frees your budget to pick quality people.  Don’t spread your time, your budget, and the attention spans of your people too thin.  If you are considering entertainment for your conference, help people and offer the clarity of doing it separate from the worship gatherings.  In other words, consider doing a late night concert, and keep the worship times simple.

3.  Fight for a Vision

Conferences need a bigger “WHY” than “hey...we do this every year so let’s come up with another name and pull it off”.  Why does this event “need” to exist?  What need is it meeting in our people?  In our community?  How is this event speaking prophetically to where the culture and the church culture is right now?   Consider Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” principle…or the core principle of art in general.  How can we "make the Truth new all over again”?  How, in a sea of conferences, will this conference emerge for consideration?  Go for a bold failure over a safe success.  



Do you have any ideas you would add?  Leave a comment below...