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Christ The Sure and Steady Anchor

Matt Papa's hymn, "Christ The Sure and Steady Anchor" was written with Matt Boswell.  Originally recorded as a part of his "Church Songs" project. The hymn has been sung around the world and appears on multiple other projects.



About The Song

Playing up the metaphor of the sea, storms and the wind, the song is crafted around the idea of holding onto Christ (The Anchor) when trials are high in our lives. The first verse opens the song with the singer in the midst (the fury) of their storm finding them sinking. 

The next few verses remind us that as the strength of the tempest grows, so does the ability of Christ as the anchor to root in deeper while we cling to Him; despite temptation, weakness and unbelief we are assured of Christ's steadfastness. 

In the final stanza Papa and Boswell write about how we will know the "calm" and know it better because we have endured the high seas of life: 

Clouds behind and life secure;
And the calm will be the better,
For the storms that we endure.
Christ the sure of our salvation,
Ever faithful, ever true!
We will hold fast to the anchor,
It shall never be removed. 

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Song Credits

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Written by Matt Papa and Matt Boswell
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Christian Paschall
Mastered by Richard Dodd

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