Echoes Of Keith Green


I confess I used to want to BE this man.  His music has aged, and so have I….and so have my desires to generally be “punched” by art.  But the fact of this man’s passion is as undeniable as his early influence on me. I have always been captivated by classical music.  So as a young christian, feeling all that angst to change the world and to poo-poo all the "christian-light" I possibly could, I fell in love with this dude - he was so serious.!  A serious musician and a serious christian. That’s who and what I wanted to be. 

Hear Echoes Of Keith Green In These Songs By Matt Papa

Song to a Sleeping Childe (on my forthcoming album)

The Crucible of God (Gethsemane)

The Song of an Angel (Who Is This King)

Here Am I Send Me

Open Hands

As The Father

But For Grace

What Are We Waiting For

Stay Away From Jesus

My Portion Forever

To The Least Of These

Where Is The Difference

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