Keith Green


I confess I used to want to BE this man.  His music has aged, and so have I….and so have my desires to generally be “punched” by art.  But the fact of this man’s passion is as undeniable as his early influence on me. I have always been captivated by classical music.  So as a young christian, feeling all that angst to change the world and to poo-poo all the "christian-light" I possibly could, I fell in love with this dude - he was so serious.!  A serious musician and a serious christian. That’s who and what I wanted to be. 

Truly, Keith Green was an admired piano player and performer and singer in his time.  He incorporated sophisticated classical colors in his music, and he’s written some of the most classic worship songs we know and love today.  he was a man with a calling and a mission and he lived that mission out until his sudden death in a plane crash in 1982.  Keith had a vision for the nations and for the least of these throughout his ministry, which I deeply respect to this day.  Sure, you can mock the hokeyness of his “So You wanna go back to Egypt”, or roll your eyes at the how judgmental “Asleep in the light” is, but you can’t deny his passion.  You can’t deny that he said something - that he did something!  

As I’ve gone back to review his catalog, truly I’ve been shocked to find that….for a musician/minister who has such a hefty reputation for prophetic fire and thunder, there’s a deep thread of honesty, meekness, and brokenness in his songs, which is why I think they resonate.  There was certainly thunder to Keith, but there was also a healing rain.  He had real weaknesses as we all do, but I praise God for Keith and how he’s used him in my life and the life of millions of christians around the world.

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